Public Safety

Calling 9-1-1 versus Non-emergency 

Residents should only call 9-1-1 in the case of an emergency such as a crime in progress, fire, emergency medical situation*, traffic collisions with injuries, immediate threat to life or property, etc.  *Please note dispatchers will be asking additional screening questions to prepare proper response measures.

The non-emergency line at (951) 769-8500 is available 24/7 for all other service needs. Reports may also be submitted online at for the following:

  • Custody Order Violations
  • Harassing phone calls
  • Hit and Run (non-injury)
  • Identity theft
  • Non-injury vehicle collisions
  • Lost property
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Vehicle burglary/tampering

Please review the following FAQs from the Beaumont Police Department regarding COVID-19 and recent public health orders:  

Q. Will law enforcement still be responding to calls for service?

A. We will continue to be a 24-hour, full-service police department. Our quality of service and professionalism will continue at the highest level, and only the manner in which we conduct business will change temporarily as we utilize social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19.  

Q. Will I be detained by law enforcement for leaving my house under the "Stay at Home" orders?

A. No, you are allowed to leave your home for essential business. Please stay at least 6 feet apart for social distancing.

Q. Has the City of Beaumont implemented a curfew for residents and businesses?

A. No, at this time the State of California, City of Beaumont, nor the Riverside County Department of Public Health have issued orders requiring curfews for residents and businesses.

Q. Should I contact the Beaumont Police Department if neighbors or businesses are violating the "Stay at Home" order?

A. While the "Stay at Home" order seems simple, there are several exemptions that allow individuals and businesses to conduct essential services. Any reports made to the police department regarding violations of orders will be addressed on a case by case basis.

Q. Do I need to follow custody or court orders regarding child visitation or custody exchanges due to the "Stay at Home" order?

A. Yes, family law court orders have not been suspended and custody exchanges should happen as ordered. The Family Law Court is open for Ex Parte hearings, so court assistance can still be obtained for custody issues. Please refer to  for more information regarding the courts.

Q. Are animal control services still available under the "Stay at Home" orders?

A. Yes, Animal Control Services are considered an essential service for the public. You can contact animal control services via our business line at (951) 769-8500.

Q. What should I do if my animal needs veterinary care?

A. Local veterinary clinics are still by appointment only. Please call each office or visit their website to confirm hours and availability.

  • Calimesa Vet: (909) 795-0030
  • Banning Vet: (951) 849-3864 |
  • Beaumont Vet: (951) 769-5600 |
  • Ramona Animal Shelter: (951) 654-8002|

Q. What if I have lost an animal or found an animal?

A. The City of Beaumont contracts with Ramona Humane Society for animal sheltering services. Please contact Ramona Animal Shelter for availability of services and latest hours of operation. Ramona Animal Shelter: (951) 654-8002|

Q. Do I still need to obtain or renew my animal license during the "Stay at Home" order?

A. Yes, a license is still required. However, If you have received a notice to license your pet or your license is expiring, you can still obtain a license via our website at Licenses due between the period of March 16th-April 12th will have late fees waived for pet owners who are unable to obtain rabies vaccinations due to "Stay at Home" Orders. Existing Lifetime licenses will still be honored during this period.