Retail Market Analysis

On December 15, the Beaumont City Council approved a professional services agreement with The Retail Coach for retail market analysis - a key element of the City's 2019 Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP).

Partnership with The Retail Coach will assist Beaumont in developing a formal retail recruitment strategy to identify retailers most compatible with the trade area. Additionally, the contract will aid address the following economic development and fiscal goals:

  • Creation of a dynamic local economy
  • Support for the growth and prosperity of local businesses
  • Development of vibrant shopping areas
  • Keeping Beaumont a financially stable community

Additional Info

Upcoming Meetings and Workshops

Retail Workshop - Tuesday, January 26 at 2pm

To kick-off the market analysis, Beaumont and The Retail Coach will host a virtual Retail Workshop geared towards business owners, entrepreneurs and potential franchisees. Topics will include:

  • 2120 retail outlook and trends
  • Cultivating a thriving district
  • Retail opportunities

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