Department Policy (SB 978)

Beaumont Police Department – Where We Stand  

The Beaumont Police Department values ours relationship with our community. As such we feel it is vital to communicate with our citizens about where we stand.

The Beaumont Police Department maintains a community policing philosophy; and as such follows our motto of “Commitment to Community.” We start by selecting diverse and highly qualified men and women who reflect our community demographics, as well as embody the service and professionalism policing requires.

To ensure our officers are able to respond to the diverse needs of our community, our officers are continually trained in conflict management, crisis intervention, as well as de-escalation tactics. When use of force lawfully becomes necessary, needed medical assistance is provided and officers are required to document incidents in comprehensive reports that include administrative review. To aid officers and administrators in evaluating response and reviewing officer conduct the Beaumont Police Department has developed and maintains a Body-Worn Camera Policy.

We’ve received many questions from our community about our stance on important issues. Please review our infographic for a look at the Beaumont Police Department’s values, conduct and policies.

View your Beaumont Police Department values, conduct and policies (PDF

Also, read a letter from the Chief of Police, Sean Thuilliez, in response to questions regarding our policies.

View letter from the Chief of Police (PDF)

Beaumont Police Department Policy

The Beaumont Police Department’s policy manual is a living document that is subject to constant change. New laws, court decisions, City Council policies, new methodologies and other factors dictate the need for a continual review of these policies, initiating revisions where necessary and appropriate.

It is recognized that no set of policies and procedures, no matter how complete, can hope to address all the situations that may be encountered. When encountering such situations, this policy manual will serve as a guideline, and should be employed with sound reason, judgment and discretion.

View the Beaumont Police Department Policy (PDF).

The Beaumont Police Department training program outlines that are approved by the State of California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) are available through the following website:


Military Equipment

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for the approval, acquisition, and reporting requirements of military equipment.