Community Job Fair

The last several years, the City of Beaumont has hosted several Community Job Fairs highlighting available positions in the Pass Area. The job fair helps to connect employers with candidates interested in a wide-range of employment fields.

Beaumont’s fast-growing community contains a talented and educated workforce. According to a recent study, nearly one-fourth of residents over the age of 25 have a bachelor’s degree or higher and over one-half of all residents have a commute of 30 minutes or more. The Beaumont Economic Development Department seeks to match residents with local companies and keep our workforce in the Pass area. 

The next Community Job Fair has not been announced. For questions, please contact the Economic Development Department at (951) 769-8527.

Interested in hosting a booth?

The employment event is open to all local businesses and employment agencies interested in placement within Beaumont. Participation is free; the booth includes a 6-foot table and two chairs. We look forward to assisting you in recruiting local talent. If you're interested in participating in a future job fair please contact the Economic Development Department at (951) 769-8527.