State of the City

On Thursday, August 15, 2019, Mayor Julio Martinez delivered the 2019 State of the City highlighting a variety of topics concerning Beaumont's future. Mayor Martinez began his speech with following: 

"I am extremely excited to share with you this morning the State of the City which I am proud to say is, overall, excellent! We will be discussing Beaumont’s Economic Development, Infrastructure, Community Enrichment, Budget, Public Safety, Life Elevated, and our Community Partners. It is my intention to outline the tremendous progress Beaumont has made over the last year while emphasizing areas of considerable achievement.

My message to you today is that, Beaumont is constantly being elevated! We, as a Council, are taking the necessary steps to elevate this City by improving the quality of life for our community. Just look around the City. I think you would agree that Beaumont is making positive progress in many areas. Sure, we are experiencing some growing pains with traffic, and in some areas of infrastructure, but that is why it is essential to have the appropriate people in the appropriate places. I want to take a moment and recognize some of our terrific team at City Hall.

We have an experienced and forward-thinking City manager, Mr. Todd Parton. We have an invaluable asset for the City, the very knowledgeable Assistant City Manager Kristine Day. Additionally, we have an exceptionally hard-working staff, an unsurpassed City Attorney, Mr. John Pinckney and a City Council that works very well together while recognizing the needs of the City and who all share a very similar vision on how to achieve success for Beaumont."

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