Detective Bureau

bpd_groups_052022-205338The Beaumont Detective Bureau works in conjunction with the Patrol Division to provide our community with experience and professionalism based on Federal, State and local law enforcement standards. 

The Bureau takes responsibility for unresolved field investigations and specialized criminal investigations. The Detective Bureau’s role with the department is to identify, locate and prosecute those accountable for the commission of crimes ranging from homicide to petty theft. This includes most crimes such as physical assaults, sexual assaults, robberies, child abuse, domestic violence and property crimes such as financial crimes, fraud/forgery and burglary. Detectives also investigate non-criminal activity, such as missing persons and juvenile-related matters.

Criminal investigations include gathering information, interviewing parties, and collecting evidence. Most importantly, this is done using modern investigative techniques while adhering to standards required for successful court prosecution throughout Riverside County and the State of California.

Beaumont Detectives are experienced patrol officers selected on their past work and commitment to the criminal investigation process. They receive hundreds of additional hours of in-house training and specialized education provided by Federal, State and private law enforcement trainers. Detectives utilize the evaluation of crime trends and patterns and use modern police technology (which includes the forensic sciences) in their efforts to complete a criminal investigation.

The Detective Bureau routinely brings criminal cases to conclusion by developing and maintaining active relationships with other law enforcement agencies, social service organizations, local citizen groups, business owners and the Riverside County District Attorney.