Special Teams

The Beaumont Police Department participates in a multitude of Special Teams and/or Task Forces. Special Teams are generally internal teams of officers, which are tasked with handling certain programs provided by the Beaumont Police Department, such as community policing and crime suppression. 

Task Forces are collaborative efforts between federal, state, county and/or local law enforcement agencies. Task forces are designed to target particular criminal activity, and often in a particular geographical area. These teams are an effective way to combat crime, by combining resources, intelligence and talents of multiple law enforcement agencies to focus on a particular problem, such as gangs, narcotic activity, etc. 

Some of the special teams and/or task forces the Beaumont Police Department participates in include:

Post-Release Accountability Compliance Team (PACT)beaumont_pd-24815

The primary responsibility of PACT is to conduct compliance checks on those individuals who have been released from prison under AB109 to ensure that they are complying with their terms of release.

Riverside County Gang Impact Team (GIT)

The Beaumont Police Department has one detective assigned to the Riverside County Gang Impact (GIT). Participating agencies include:

  • Banning Police Department
  • Beaumont Police Department
  • California Highway Patrol
  • Riverside Sheriff’s Department
  • Riverside County District Attorney’s Office
  • Riverside County Probation
  • State Parole

Multiple Enforcement Team (MET)

The MET team is a valuable resource for our Detective and Patrol divisions. They are utilized to:beaumont_pd-24796

  • Conduct surveillance
  • Serve high-risk search and arrest warrants
  • Search for wanted felons
  • Collect intelligence regarding drugs, gangs, and other criminal activity

MET often participates in special enforcement programs that target specific or immediate crime trends or problems and work with other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

Riverside Auto-Theft Interdiction Detail (RAID)

The Beaumont Police Department has one Detective assigned to the Riverside Auto-Theft Interdiction Detail (RAID).  The Riverside Auto-Theft Interdiction Detail (RAID) is a task force responsible for pursuing organized auto theft rings. Their work includes immediate responses dictated by the perpetrators’ actions and the enforcement technics deployed by the entire task force including surveillance, search warrants, etc. 

Riverside County Gang Task Force (GTF)

The Riverside County Gang Task Force is a collaborative effort of several law enforcement agencies with the goal of combating criminal street gangs. The San Gorgonio Special Operations Regional Gang Task Force is one of six teams which compose the Riverside County Regional Gang Task Force. The San Gorgonio Special Operations Gang Task Force is staffed with members from the Banning Police Department, Beaumont Police Department and Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.