Occupied Spaces - Building inspections are done virtually via the ZOOM app.

Unoccupied & Exterior Spaces - In-person inspections are done with strictly-enforced precautionary measures in place as follows:

  • No face-to-face contact between inspectors and site personnel. All communication will take place via email, text, or telephone only.
  • All areas that are subject to inspection must be completely unoccupied and empty. There shall be no personnel in the area, including any personnel from builder, contractor, or trades.

Scheduling the Inspection:

Schedule your inspection by email to Please send a separate email for each inspection. Requests must be submitted by 3:00 p.m. for next day inspections. Inspections do not take place on holidays or weekends. 

  • Subject line should include the following information:
    • Type of inspection
    • Permit number
    • Address
    • Date of the inspectionexample
  • In the body of email, include the site technician’s name, email and phone number so the inspector may make arrangements for the virtual inspection.
  • The inspector will reply to your email for the approval/comments of the inspection.

Before the Virtual Inspection:

  • Download the ZOOM App.
  • Make sure that your device is fully charged - they tend to drain very fast while in use.
  • Have the following tools ready: measuring tape, levels, flashlight, etc.
  • Ensure enclosed areas are well illuminated.
  • Have the following documents available:
    • Permit job card
    • Approved plans

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