Ready for Wildfire - CalFire

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) fights over 5600 wildfires that plague California annually. CAL FIRE has a new weapon in their arsenal to help prepare the public for when the next wildfire strikes, it's their new mobile app called CAL FIRE Ready for Wildfire. The app is currently available on both the iPhone and Android platforms. The app has three primary functions:

  • Providing Educational Content on how to prepare for and help protect property from wildfires
  • Notifying citizens of wildfire incidents with custom alerts
  • Providing incident information and maps on California wildfires


The main purpose of the app is to help educate residents and property owners in high risk wildland areas on how to prepare for wildfires. The app has a series of checklists that is broken down as follows:

  • Ready (Maintain Defensible Space and Hardening Homes)
    • Create Defensible Space
    • Harden Home
    • Prepare for Bark Beetles
    • Set (Create a Wildfire Action Plan)
      • Wildfire Action Plan
      • Emergency Supply Kit
      • Design a Family Communication Plan
    • Go! (Evacuation Guide)
      • Pre-Evacuation Guide
      • When to evacuate
      • What to do when trapped

The app has nine separate check-off lists that also provide educational material in the form of articles and videos. The videos can be viewed as part of the checklist or in the video library.