K-9 Program

The Beaumont Police Department operates a Canine Detection and Patrol Program. This program provides canine services, which assist the Beaumont Police Department with:

  • Preventing the loss of life by locating missing persons, safely apprehending criminal suspects, and locating dangerous drugs and weapons
  • Reducing the number of man-hours required for certain types of investigations
  • Reducing narcotic activity in the community
  • Providing a valuable training asset to local schools by assisting in drug prevention programs and demonstrations 

The Beaumont Police Department began its police canine program in August of 2016. The program started with Corporal/Handler Ryan Brieda and K9 Mila. K9 Mila is a Dutch Shepherd from Brazil. She is certified in tracking and narcotics detection.

Newly added to the Canine Program are Officer/Handler Christopher Crews and K9 Murph. K9 Murph is a Belgian Malinois from Holland. He is certified in patrol, handler protection and narcotics detection.



Beaumont K9 Unit
Officer wearing a Police K9 vest